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Our Services

  • Rich Application Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • SharePoint Solutions
  • HTML5 Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions
  • STPO
  • Cloud Solutions

Our Services :

  • Customized Solutions
  • Sharepoint Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Windows 8 Solutions
  • WPF & RIA Solutions
  • HTML5 Solutions
  • Mobile Platform Solutions

How We Do:

Technical Excellence mixed with Effective communication and backed by Timely delivery is the key to successful Project Execution and this is exactly what we do at Effect Labs.

  • Establishing Open Communication between Business and Technical teams of Effect Labs and Client
  • Regular Milestone and Risk assessment with Key Stakeholder
  • Follow Agile Practice and Regular Scrum meetings

Our Expertise

  • Provide unparalleled User Experience, Robust and high performing solutions thus making instant impact on customer and increase product salability.
  • Agile project management practice ensuring right development direction, faster Time to market and hence Accelerated ROI for our clients.
Video Case Studies :

At Effect Labs we are committed to provide best in class .NET services and solutions. We also have introduced the concept of Video Case studies for all our projects. You can use our Guest login to vide public case studies or else you can put a Request with us regarding any specific project and we would enable your client access to that particular project case study.

This helps us to provide personalized information and experience to our prospective and existing clients.

Case Study

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Customized Solutions :

Effect Labs provide custom application development solutions from large enterprise to small startup organization for their custom business needs. Since each business need is unique hence we work very closely with our clients and suggest and provide solution meeting their requirement. We also help our client to migrate existing application to new technologies and platforms. We develop and integrate a wide range of customized business solutions for our clients worldwide. We have outstanding experience in custom database related application development, online, desktop and distributed server client applications as well as various custom software components and web-project programming. Our affordable price, continuous professionalism and individual approach to every client make us the best choice for all kinds of custom software application development services and online e-business developments.

Each business needs is unique and hence pre-packaged solutions might not be sufficient or flexible enough to meet the requirements. Effect Labs certified and professional team understands this and works closely with you to understand your business needs and provide solutions that are custom-build to your specifications.

Microsoft .Net framework helps in software interoperability and organizing various data driven applications. .Net has been used successfully to collaborate between various Microsoft Applications like SharePoint, SQL Server, CRM, Windows Azure, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office. Effect Labs provides the following .NET services:

  • Web Application using ASP.NET, MVC
  • Desktop Application development
  • WCF Development
  • Design Pattern and Architecture Consulting
  • Application Migration, Application Re-Engineering
  • Content Management Systems
  • Distributed Server-Client Applications
  • Various Custom Software Components
Collaboration Solution using Sharepoint :

Work environments are much more collaborative today, and the pace required to stay competitive is breakneck. Employees need to share documents, databases, team calendars, forms, and workflows in real time. And its needed to make sure that all their changes are captured and avoid losing cycles to version control issues. And apart from this there is a geographical spread of work force and also providing access to your data or document to your suppliers and clients. So there comes the need of secure environment with different levels of access.

We use Sharepoint to develop or customize your internal workflows or manage your teams using intranet and exposing the required information to your external clients at various roles and access permissions. On the intranet we meet the following requirements:

Employee Intranet is primarily focused on people coming together as a team working on a focused goal. Intranets can be packed with productivity features like the following

  • Business Tools - Business Process automation, Internal Auditing and Compliance.
  • Self Service - Dashboard provides data from multiple source, Help desk request and Knowledge bases.
  • Personalization - Filtered and Targeted contents with security trimmed interface.
  • Web 2.0 - Social networking, content tagging, RIA, Wiki, Discussion and Blogs.
  • Business Intelligence - Reporting Dashboard with KPI, Excel reports and integration of LOB systems with BDC
  • Document Managements - Capabilities like Versioning, integration with Office products and capabilities of SharePoint advanced search.

Organizations can extend the collaboration to external parties like vendors or customers, with precise control on data security. Our Extranet Manager will allow companies to rollout extranet solutions for communication and collaboration between internal project team and external parties without the need to compromise on security.

Security of data to be shared and collaborated can be determined by the business users including the access rights and audience targeting. Business Process and Workflow currently for internal team can be extended to extranet user communities.

Cloud Solutions :

Cloud computing is taking the center stage for any service delivery or offering. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer via the Internet. This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.

Effect Labs provides its cloud services in all two segments namely applications and platforms. Major advantages of moving applications or platform to Cloud are cost saving on hardware and software, device independence, scalability, reliability, performance and security.


Cloud platform services or "Platform as a Service (PaaS)" deliver a computing platform and solution stack as a service, often consuming cloud infrastructure and sustaining cloud applications. It offers deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software layers. On other hands, PaaS offers us a basic platform on which we can build our applications and maintain only our applications, the rest is maintained by the PaaS provider.

Effect Labs uses proven Microsoft Visual Studio IDE and Windows Azure platform to offer highly scalable and customized cloud apps that could be published and sold through Windows Azure Marketplace. Windows Azure development today seems to bethe fastest way for your product to hit the market and scale without any hardware limits.


Cloud application services or "Software as a Service (SaaS)" deliver software as a service over the Internet, eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer's computers. SaaS simplifies maintenance and support as the customers don’t care about them. Effect Labs has extensive experience in implementation of specific SaaS solutions in out service verticals. Effect labs cloud team collaborates with its specialized development teams to build cloud apps, migrate existing solutions to cloud etc

Windows 8 Solutions :

Windows 8 has changed the way windows look and feel and the interaction we can have with the OS. This has enabled great opportunities for solution providers to come up with various applications and products that can utlize the enormous capabilities of Windows 8.

Effect Labs team utilizes its proven RIA skills (utilizing XAML expertise) to build Win8 solutions. Our team has worked on some of the complex custom CRM, ERP and various management systems using XAML for Win8. We use the latest development tools, libraries, toolkits, APIs and UI components to deliver truly fantastic, feature rich applications.

Getting your application into the Windows Store is also no problem, as we will submit it for you and manage the entire process on your behalf if required. Microsoft Windows 8 applications have, at last, breathed new life into the Microsoft Windows platform and we are very excited about it. So now you can have rich user interfaces that run on all Windows 8 desktops and devices (such as Surface RT tablets).

We provide following services around Windows 8

  • Metro Designed apps
  • XAML solutions
  • HTML5 solutions work with device independent platforms
  • Various customized Win8 apps
  • Game development for Win8 Store
WPF & RIA Solutions :

Silverlight & Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) products from the Microsoft stable are based on XAML & the .NET Framework and enable developers to create Rich Internet applications for a rich user experience.

WPF provides developers the requisite tool which is a unified programming model to build rich Windows Forms applications that help integrate user interface (UI), media, & documents. Another advantage of using the WPF is that it enables software developers to deliver an enhanced level of user experience (UX). This is achieved by providing the developer with a declarative-based language (XAML) for specifying vector-based graphics which makes the whole process scalable & thus help take maximum advantage of hardware acceleration.

  • WPF Healthcare Solutions (HIS System)
  • Developer Productivity Toolkit
  • Document Manager, HRMS, Payroll System
  • Multimedia and Custom Intranet Products

Silverlight on the other hand is a cross-browser, cross-platform implementation of the .NET Framework. This is used mainly for delivering next-generation rich interactive information consisting of both media & content over the Web as well as for developing browser-hosted Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that can integrate data & services from a host of various sources available over the internet.

It helps developers build rich applications that contribute greatly to enhance the typical end user experience. In a manner similar to the Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight provides an XAML-based language to specify the various user interfaces.

  • Out of Browser App Development
  • Dashboard and BI Application Development
  • Highly user interactive web product development
  • Intranet and Extranet management solutions
Html5 Solutions :

Today, HTML5 has become the de-facto standard for creating applications, games, services that work seamlessly across platforms and devices. The power HTML5 brings on table fascinates us in delivering world class device agnostic solutions. At Effect Labs, we take pride in developing HTML5 based web, tablet, mobile applications:

Our coding experts with incredible technical proficiency bring solutions for all your worries related to your designs. If you look for best spot to develop the designs of your expectations, then you are at the right spot. Out experts relocates all the aesthetical features given in your PSD file to HTML5 format without putting back marks on its beauty or quality. Complex and difficult design are handled in a smooth manner with the professional excellence of our team and are converted from PSD to HTML without any problems. Our team is specialized in converting the Photoshop designs to HTML5 with integrated features including high quality, cross browser compatibility, SEO semantic HTML/CSS markup, W3C valid and more.

HTML5 is now the new face of the open web platform. It is the single and standard platform that can get applied across mobile devices and all type of computers. HTML5 offers exciting new possibilities for multimedia, applications and services.

Effect Labs with its dedicated UI/UX creative teams working closely with our engineering experts we are the ideal partner for developing the next generation user experiences. We provide HTML5 websites, mobile apps, games, device independent apps etc

Effect Labs HTML5 offerings includes:

  • HTML5 website and web\mobile apps
  • Flash conversion to HTML5
  • Games Development
  • IPhone\IPad development using HTML5
Mobile Platform Solutions :

With the widespread of smartphone the outlook towards application usage has changed entirely. Mobile platform is the new addition and is growing rapidly. This has made businesses to make their applications device independent since the applications now can be run from any device including mobile phones.

Effect Labs Mobile Team enables your business to increase it reach by providing mobile platform application development. We utilize the latest UI design guidelines, responsive designs and liquid layouts. We are able to provide compatible mobile web applications which will be displayed properly on all required smartphones, tablets and browsers.

We work with various Screen sizes, resolutions, view modes etc to provide you with a solution that works as per expectations every time. We have a highly skilled professional team of UX professionals, Visual Designers and Software Engineers working around HTML5 mobile development technology, CSS3, Responsive Web and Mobile First design approaches, pure JavaScript programming, jQuery Mobile development, PhoneGap, jQTouch, and ASP.NET mobile web development.

We work on the following:

  • Windows Phone 7\8 using HTML5, XAML etc
  • Game development on WP8
  • Mobile platform independent solutions using HTML5, jQuery frameworks etc (Android, WP7, IPad, IPhone etc)
  • Native mobile apps
  • Website migration, restructuring for mobile interfaces etc

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